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All books are hardback unless otherwise indicated.

701., Aaron, Jan & Georgine Sachs Salom. THE ART OF MEXICAN COOKING. Garden City, Doubleday, 1965. 8vo. 309pp . Very good in dust jacket. Includes 38 pages of breads, cookies, pastries, & desserts. $9.50

346., Abbate, Francesco, ed. PRECOLUMBIAN ART OF NORTH AMERICA AND MEXICO. London, Octopus, 1972. 1st English edition. 12mo. 159pp . Near fine in dust jacket. 98 color photographs. Sections on Eskimo, "North American Indian", & Mexican art. $10.00

371., Abreu Gomez, Emilio. CANEK: HISTORY AND LEGEND OF A MAYA HERO. Berkeley, University of California, 1979. 1st U.S. edition. 8vo. 68pp . Near fine in price clipped dust jacket. A fictionalized history, biography, written in fragments, of the great leader of the Yucatan Mayan revolt of 1761. $20.00

235., Aceves Gonzalez, Francisco de Jesus. LA TELEVISION EN GUADALAJARA: GENESIS Y DESARROLLO. Guadalajara, Universidad de Guadalajara, 1995. 1st edition. 12mo. 70pp . Lightly rubbed, near fine; paperback. In Spanish. A history of the development of the television industry in Guadalajara. Limited to 1000 copies.. $15.00

461., Aguirre, Alejandro. MORTALIDAD MATERNA EN MEXICO. Mexico, UAEM, 1999. 1st edition. Small 4to. 73pp . About fine; paperback. In Spanish. Bibliography. A statistical study of death in maternity & child birth of Mexican women, historical tendencies & geographic distribution. $15.00

1174., Alba, Victor. THE MEXICANS: THE MAKING OF A NATION. New York, Praeger, 1967. 1st edition. 8vo. 268pp . Very good in worn, torn dust jacket. Endpaper maps, illustrations. A complex view of the many unblended elements in Mexican history. $12.50

2791., Albers, Anni (photographs by John T. Hill, introduction by Michael D. Cole). PRE-COLUMBIAN MEXICAN MINIATURES: THE JOSEF AND ANNI ALBERS COLLECTION. New York, Praeger, 1970. 1st edition. Large 4to. Soiled boards, very good. 84 photographs. Unpaginated. An extensive collection of small depictions of human figures in clay & stone. $25.00

141., Alessio Robles, Miguel. A MEDIO CAMINO. Mexico, Editorial Stylo, 1949. 1st edition. 16mo. 273pp . Lightly soiled, very good; paperback. In Spanish. A collection of wide ranging essays, history, travel, literary criticism, several on Obregon & Villa. $15.00

87., Alessio Robles, Miguel. ANTOLOGIA SELECTA. Mexico, Editorial Patria, 1946. 1st edition. 12mo. 274pp . Tiny tears at spine, good, tight copy. In Spanish. Essays on customs & travel, politics & history, & arts & letters by the writer, lawyer & politician. $12.50

1357., Alessio Robles, Miguel. CONTEMPLANDO EL PASADO. Mexico, Editorial Stylo, 1950. 1st edition. 16mo. 318pp . Lightly soiled, very good; paperback. In Spanish. A collection of wide ranging essays, history, travel, literary criticism, several on Cervantes & Azorin, Obregon & Europe. $15.00

1406., Alvarado, Julio. THE GEOGRAPHICAL AND EXPLORING COMMISSION OF THE MEXICAN REPUBLIC: SKETCH OF ITS ORGANIZATION AND LABORS. Buffalo, Gies, ca1900. 8vo. 23pp . Ex-library, 3" tear in front cover, tight working copy. Paperback. 1 map. $20.00

1754., Alvarez del Vayo, Julio. THE LAST OPTIMIST. New York, Viking, 1950. 1st US edition. 8vo. 406pp . About fine in dust jacket. Memoirs. Spanish Republic's first ambassador to Mexico, investigator of the Chaco War for the League of Nations, friend of Nehru, Lenin. $20.00

877., Alvear Acevedo, Carlos. HISTORIA DE MEXICO: EPOCAS PRECORTESIANA, COLONIAL E INDEPENDIENTE. Mexico, Editorial Jus, 1970. 11th edition. 8vo. 365pp . Browning, lightly creases, yet a nice, tight copy; paperback. A very well illustrated, standard history of Mexico, 1/3 of the book is of the eras before Cortez. $12.50

1456., Ambasz, Emilio. THE ARCHITECTURE OF LUIS BARRAGAN. New York, Museum of Modern Art, 1976. 1st edition. 4to. 128pp . Lightly bumped corners, very good; paperback. Bibliography. Well illustrated in color. $15.00

1673., Anaya Lang, Ana Luisa. ESTUDIO SOBRE EL POTENCIAL ALELOPATICO DE ALGUNAS PLANTAS SECUNDARIAS DE UNA ZONA CALIDO-HUMEDA DE MEXICO. Mexico, UNAM, 1976. Small 8vo. 296pp . About fine; paperback. Signed letter from author laid in loose. In Spanish. Bibliography, illustrations. The ecological importance of 2nd growth plants in the tropical area of Veracruz. $35.00

1529., Andrews, George F. et al. EDZNA, CAMPECHE, MEXICO: SETTLEMENT PATTERNS AND MONUMENTAL ARCHITECTURE. Culver City, Labyrinthos, 1984. 4to. 149pp . About fine; paperback. In 2 volumes, one of text with 17 line figures & 71 photographs & the second of 7 loose, folded maps. $20.00

54., Anguiano, Maria Eugenia. AGRICULTURA Y MIGRACION EN EL VALLE DE MEXICALI. Tijuana, El Colegio de la Frontera No, 1995. 1st edition. 8vo. 148pp . Lightly rubbed, near fine; paperback. In Spanish. Bibliography. An economic history of the development of large scale, mostly cotton, farming around Mexicali & expansion of migrant workers. $16.50

2324., Anonymous. BIBLIOGRAFIA DEL PETROLEO EN MEXICO. Mexico, Departamento del Petroleo, 1927. 1st edition. Small 8vo. 169pp . Uncut, light browning, very good; paperback. In Spanish. Both Spanish language & English language sources are cited. $35.00

1459., Anonymous. LOS CODICES DE MEXICO. Mexico, INAH, 1979. 1st edition. Square 4to. 142pp . Very good; paperback. In Spanish. Introductory essays, 60 color & black & white plates reproducing the codices, explanatory texts. $35.00

2536., Anonymous. PEQUEN~A HISTORIA DE UN PUEBLO HERMANO. Mexico, U.S.A. Embassy, 1949. 1st edition. 16mo. 47pp . Very good; staple bound paperback. In Spanish. An illustrated history of the United States produced by the embassy in Mexico City for obvious propaganda purposes. $10.00

520., Anonymous. PLAN LERMA, ASISTENCIA TECNICA, OPERACION HUICOT. Guadalajara, Poder Ejecutivo Federal, 1966. 1st edition. 4to. 203pp . Very good in dust jacket; paperback. Photographs, maps. Development plan for indigenous Huichol, Cora, & Tepehuan communities with anthropological information. $25.00

2659., Anonymous. THE TRUE FACTS ABOUT THE EXPROPRIATION OF THE OIL COMPANIES' PROPERTIES IN MEXICO. Mexico, Government of Mexico, 1940. 1st edition. 8vo. 271pp . Ex-library, else good, tight copy; paperback. The official reply to Standard Oil's book, Present Status of the Mexican Oil Expropriations & other oil company writings. $20.00

3341., Arcila Farias, Eduardo. REFORMAS ECONOMICAS DEL SIGLO XVIII EN NUEVA ESPAN~A. In 2 volumes. Mexico, SepSetentas, 1974. 16mo. 215+159pp . Lightly bumped, very good; paperback. In Spanish. Bibliography. V. I: Ideas Economicas, Comercio y Regimen de Comercio Libre, V. II: Industria, Mineria y Real Hacienda. $20.00

3390., Arguelles Bringas, Roberto (prologue, sellection & bibliography by Serge I. Zaitzeff). FUERZA Y DOLOR: ANTOLOGIA POETICA DE ROBERTO ARGUELLES BRINGAS. Mexico, Sepsetentas, 1975. 1st edition. 16mo. 191pp . near fine; paperback. In Spanish. The first publication in book form of the poetry of a late 19th century Mexican admired by Nervo, Campos, Tablada, & Reyes. $15.00

416., Arnold, Linda. BUREAUCRACY AND BUREAUCRATS IN MEXICO CITY 1742-1835. Tucson, University of Arizona, 1988. 1st edition. 8vo. 202pp . About fine. 14 page bibliography. $15.00

2419., Atkinson, Fred W. THE ARGONAUTS OF 1769: A NARRATIVE OF THE OCCUPATION OF SAN DIEGO AND MONTEREY BY DON GASPAR DE PORTOLA. Watsonville, Pajaronian Press, 1936. 1st edition. Small 8vo. 166pp . Soiled boards, good, tight copy. 6 illustrations. Signed by the author on the fold out map. De Portola, among other accomplishments, was the 1st to record the redwoods. $30.00

2730., Atwater, James D. & Ramon E. Ruiz (illustrated by Paul Hogarth). OUT FROM UNDER: BENITO JUAREZ AND MEXICO'S STRUGGLE FOR INDEPENDENCE. Garden City, Zenith Books, 1969. 1st edition. Small 8vo. 118pp . Near fine in lightly worn dust jacket. A juvenile history with marvelous illustrations. $20.00

2923., Avila Camacho, Manuel. ADDRESS TO THE MEXICAN AGRONOMISTS. Mexico, Department of State, 1941. 8vo. 23pp . Lightly browned, very good; staple bound paperback. A speech by the president of Mexico on land reform, irrigation, the ejidos, & increased production in agriculture. $15.00

3149., Avila Camacho, Manuel & Salvador Urbina. THE PURPOSES OF JUSTICE IN MEXICO: SPEECHES. Mexico, Dept. of State, 1941. 1st edition. 8vo. 29pp . light browning, very good; staple bound paperback. In Spanish. Speeches by the President & the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Mexico at the inauguration of the new Court Building. $15.00

2067., Avila, Manuel. TRADITION AND GROWTH: A STUDY OF FOUR MEXICAN VILLAGES. Chicago, University of Chicago, 1969. 1st edition. Small 8vo. 219pp . Near fine in price clipped dust jacket, large tear rear jacket. Economic & social history of Aztec, Zapotec, Mayan, & Ladino peasant villages through a time of intense modernization. $12.50

9., Aviles, Anthony, catalogue design director (photographs by Charles Uht). THE NELSON A. ROCKEFELLER COLLECTION OF MEXICAN FOLK ART. New York, Museum of Primitive Art, 1969. 1st edition. 12mo. 16pp . Lightly rubbed, small tear foot of spine, good. Staple bound paperback. 31 objects depicted. Foreword by Nelson Rockefeller, introduction by Carl Fox. $10.00

52., Balan, Jorge, Harley L. Browning, et al. MEN IN A DEVELOPING SOCIETY: GEOGRAPHIC AND SOCIAL MOBILITY IN MONTERREY, MEXICO. Austin, University of Texas, 1973. 1st edition. 8vo. 384pp . Remainder mark, otherwise very good in dust jacket. $9.50

476., Ballentine, George. AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF AN ENGLISH SOLDIER IN THE UNITED STATES ARMY. Chicago, The Lakeside Press, 1986. Reprint edition. 16mo. 354pp . About fine. #85 of the Lakeside Classics, a first hand account of the Mexican War, illustrated with contemporary etchings. $15.00

336., Barker, Nancy Nichols. THE FRENCH EXPERIENCE IN MEXICO, 1821-1861: A HISTORY OF CONSTANT MISUNDERSTANDING. Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina, 1979. 1st edition. 8vo. 264pp . Near fine. Endpaper maps. A attempt to explain the folly of Maximilian by taking a much broader view of Franco-Mexican history than usual. $25.00

2242., Barrett, Elinore M. LA CUENCA DEL TEPALCATEPEC: Vol. I, SU COLONIZACION Y TENENCIA DE LA TIERRA; Vol. II, SU DESARROLLO MODERNO. Mexico, SepSetentas, 1975. 1st edition. 16mo. 173+147pp . Very good; paperback. In Spanish. History of a region in the west of Michoacan, special attention on land tenancy as affected by the conquest & the revolution. $12.50

2132., Barrett, Ward. THE SUGAR HACIENDA OF THE MARQUESES DEL VALLE. Minneapolis, University of Minnesota, 1970. 1st edition. 4to. 147pp . Very good in dust jacket, small tears in jacket. 20 illustrations. A detailed study of the sugar plantation founded by Hernan Cortes in Oaxaca from 1535 to 1848. $20.00

151., Beals, Ralph L. ETHNOLOGY OF THE WESTERN MIXE. New York, Cooper Square, 1973. Reprint edition. 8vo. 175pp . Light shelf wear, near fine. 2 maps, 17 plates, 7 figures. From the 1945 edition of Beals' 1933 study of the Mixtec of Oaxaca, new introduction for this edition. Bibliography. $15.00

217., Bell, Betty, ed. INDIAN MEXICO PAST AND PRESENT. Los Angeles, University of California, 1967. 1st edition. 8vo. 109pp . Very good; paperback. 6 papers originally presented at the symposium of the same name at UCLA on December 4, 1965. $9.50

2143., Benson, Nettie Lee, ed. MEXICO AND THE SPANISH CORTES 1810-1822: EIGHT ESSAYS. Austin, University of Texas, 1971. 3rd printing. 8vo. 243pp . Very good in dust jacket. 13 page bibliography. The first attempt at constitutional government in Mexico, much reflected in the present system. $15.00

372., Berdiales, German. MIS MEJORES CUENTOS PARA LOS NIN~OS. Mexico, A. Kapelusz, nd 1940s?. 3rd revised edition. Small 8vo. 168pp . Front cover separated, loosening, all here. In Spanish. 3 color illustrations. Short stories for children. $9.50

3343., Bernal, Ignacio, Alfonso Velez Orozco & Juan Garcia Ramos (edited by Raul Cardiel Reyes). TRES CIENTIFICOS MEXICANOS. Mexico, SepSetentas, 1974. 1st edition. 16mo. 212pp . Near fine; paperback. In Spanish. Bibliography. Biographies of archaeologist Alfonso Caso, doctor Ignacio Gonzalez Guzman & scientist Arturo Rosenblueth. $9.50

2978., Besnault, Claude. LE MEXIQUE. Paris, Arthaud, 1969. 1st edition. Large 8vo. 273pp . Light edge wear, very good in chipped dust jacket. In French. 155 photographs, 4 color plates, 4 maps, 3 figures. Beautiful photography of all aspects of Mexico from pre-conquest to modern. $25.00

1395., Bizant, Jan, et al, eds. HISTORIA MEXICANA 82: EN SU VIGESIMO ANIVERSARIO. Mexico, Colegio de Mexico, Oct.-Dec. 1971. Small 8vo. 184pp . About fine; paperback. In Spanish. 9 papers on prehispanic history of Mexico, economic history of Latin America, oral history, church history, & other topics. $15.00

41., Blancke, W. Wendell. JUAREZ OF MEXICO. New York, Praeger, 1971. 8vo. 152pp . Very good in lightly worn, price clipped dust jacket. A fast-paced, witty biography of the back-country boy who became president. $15.00

2743., Boas, Franz. NOTES ON THE CHATINO LANGUAGE OF MEXICO. Lancaster, New Era, 1913. 8vo. 9pp . Very good; staple bound paperback. Reprinted from American Anthropologist, January-March, 1913. Vocabulary & grammar of a Oaxacan people. $25.00

289., Bond, Marshall, Jr. GOLD HUNTER: THE ADVENTURES OF MARSHALL BOND. Albuquerque, University of New Mexico, 1969. 1st edition. 8vo. 393pp . Remainder mark, otherwise about fine in lightly worn dust jacket. A biography by the son of the prospector in Alaska, the Sonora desert, Mexico, includes incidents with Pancho Villa. $10.00

2398., Booth, George C. MEXICO'S SCHOOL-MADE SOCIETY. New York, Greenwood Press, 1969. Reprint edition. 12mo. 175pp . Near fine. An analysis of Mexico's "Socialist schools", revolutionary art, revolutionary music & dance, first published in 1941. $17.50

384., Borah, Woodrow. SOCIAL WELFARE AND SOCIAL OBLIGATION IN NEW SPAIN: A TENTATIVE ASSESSMENT. Berkeley, University of California, c1967. Reprint edition. 8vo. 13pp . Lightly soiled, very good; staple bound paperback. A brief history of social welfare experiments in health, law, education & economic assistance in colonial Mexico. $15.00

913., Borton de Trevin~o, Elizabeth. MY HEART LIES SOUTH: THE STORY OF MY MEXICAN MARRIAGE. New York, Crowell, 1956. 7th printing. 12mo. 248pp . Very good in torn, taped dust jacket. 8 pages of photographs. The autobiographical re-creation of the learning experience in managing a Mexican household & Mexican husband. $10.00

2238., Boullosa, Carmen. THEY'RE COWS, WE'RE PIGS. New York, Grove Press, 1997. 1st US edition. Small 8vo. 180pp . About fine in dust jacket. A funny, poignant novel of pirates in the Caribbean by one of the preeminent Mexican women writers, brazen & ribald. $12.50

880., Bradley, Michael. COMMUNION IN SOLITUDE: MEXICO FROM THE CORNER OF AN EYE. San Francisco, Scrimshaw Press, 1975. 1st edition. Oblong 8vo. 95pp . Very good in dust jacket. Strong color photography by a U.S. painter. Printed with popular Mexican songs and poetry. Text in Spanish & English. $12.50

1016., Brandeis, Madaline. THE LITTLE MEXICAN DONKEY BOY. New York, Grosset & Dunlap, 1931. Reprint edition. 8vo. 224pp . Corner wear, very good. Children's story illustrated with photographs of life in the countryside, many interesting costumes. $10.00

1937., Brasch, R. MEXICO: A COUNTRY OF CONTRASTS. Victoria, Longmans, 1967. 1st edition. Small 4to. 210pp . Very good. Endpaper maps, 24 plates. An Australian's view of Mexico as a tourist's paradise includes the mandatory chapter on bullfighting. $9.50

1413., Bruccoli, Matthew J. RECONQUEST OF MEXICO: AN AMIABLE JOURNEY IN PURSUIT OF CORTES. New York, Vanguard, 1974. 1st edition. 8vo. 252pp . Very good in price clipped dust jacket. Endpaper maps, 8 pages of photographs. A walk from Vera Cruz to Mexico City, amusing episodes along the way. $12.50

1716., Bull, James H. (edited by Doyce B. Nunis, Jr.). JOURNEY OF JAMES H. BULL: BAJA CALIFORNIA, OCTOBER 1843 TO JANUARY 1844. Los Angeles, Dawson's Book Shop, 1965. 1st edition. 12mo. 56pp . Near fine. Edition limited to 500 copies. Folding map in pocket. Printed by Grant Dahlstrom. The earliest known journal of an overland trip in Baja by a US traveler. #1 of the Baja Series. $27.50

1549., Burland, C.A. MONTEZUMA: LORD OF THE AZTECS. New York, Putnam, 1973. 1st edition. Small 4to. 269pp . Slightly loosening hinges, good in worn, chipped dust jacket. A look at the Conquest & Aztec culture sympathetic to the Aztec by an archaeologist with the British Museum. $12.50

2275., Calderon de la Barca. Mme (introduction by Henry Baerlein). LIFE IN MEXICO DURING A RESIDENCE OF TWO YEARS IN THAT COUNTRY. New York, Dutton, 1934. 2nd printing. 8vo. 542pp . Very good in chipped, soiled dust jacket. A very nice edition of one of the truest views of Mexico by an outsider, a mid-19th century Scotswoman who shared her letters. $12.50

3603., Camp, Roderic A. (illustrated by Lawrence Mills). MEMOIRS OF A MEXICAN POLITICIAN. Albuquerque, University of New Mexico, 1988. 8vo. 230pp . About fine; paperback. A novel based on the life of lawyer, politician Antonio Gutierrez Enriquez runs from the revolution to 1970. $9.50

1663., Cancian, Frank. CHANGE AND UNCERTAINTY IN A PEASANT ECONOMY: THE MAYA CORN FARMERS OF ZINACATAN. Stanford, Stanford University, 1972. 1st edition. 8vo. 208pp . About fine in dust jacket. Endpaper maps, other map, 24 photographs. Changes and lack of change 1957-66 under government economic opportunity programs. $17.50

692., Cancian, Frank. ECONOMICS AND PRESTIGE IN A MAYA COMMUNITY: THE RELIGIOUS SYSTEM IN ZINACANTAN. Stanford, Stanford University, 1971. 8vo. 238pp . Remainder spray bottom edge, else very good; paperback. 2 maps, eight pages of photographs. The religious hierarchy & its economic & political implications from archival & field work. $10.00

3124., Cancian, Frank. THE DECLINE OF COMMUNITY IN ZINACANTAN: ECONOMY, PUBLIC LIFE, AND SOCIAL STRATIFICATION, 1960-1987. Stanford, Stanford University, 1992. 1st edition. 8vo. 300pp . About fine in dust jacket. Bibliography, photographs. A well studied community moves into the modern & post-modern age, not always comfortably. $30.00

115., Carabarin Gracia, Alberto. EL TRABAJO Y LOS TRABAJADORES DEL OBRAJE EN LA CIUDAD DE PUEBLA 1700-1710. Puebla, Universidad Autonomia, 1984. 1st edition. Small 4to. 77pp . Near fine, lightly bumped; paperback. In Spanish. A study of an 18th century woolen mill in Puebla. $17.50

1450., Cardenas, Lazaro. CONDICIONES ECONOMICAS DE MEXICO. Mexico, DAPP, 1937. 1st edition. 8vo. 13pp . Lightly bumped, good; staple bound paperback. In Spanish. A speech by the President of Mexico on the state of the Mexican government's economic health. $12.50

1244., Cardenas, Lazaro. MESSAGE TO THE PEOPLE OF MEXICO ON THE OCCASSION OF THE 28TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION OF THE MEXICAN REVOLUTION. Mexico, D.A.P.P, 1938. 8vo. 6pp . Ex-library (1 stamp), else very good; staple bound paperback. A speech firm in its determination to see land reform & expropriations succeed. $10.00

1469., Carr, Harry. OLD MOTHER MEXICO. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1931. 8vo. 270pp . Very good in lightly rubbed dust jacket. Illust. by Louis Ruyl. A readable history of the discovery & settlement of northern Mexico & the U.S. west, 1 short section on raising toros bravos. $14.50

1662., Case, Lynn M. FRENCH OPINIONS ON THE UNITED STATES AND MEXICO 1860-1867: EXTRACTS FROM THE REPORTS OF THE PROCUREURS GENERAUX. New York, Appleton Century, 1936. 1st edition. 8vo. 452pp . Light edge wear, very good in badly chipped dust jacket. Introductory material in English, texts in French. Reports on opinion on the U.S. Civil War & Napoleon's Mexican expedition. $30.00

2015., Casillas, Martin. LA CASA EN LA LITERATURA MEXICANA. Mexico, Corporacion GEOr, 1994. 1st edition. 4to. 113+xvipp . Near fine in dust jacket. Color photographs of domestic architecture facing quotations on houses from Mexican literature. $25.00

2935., Cassel, Jonathon F. TARAHUMARA INDIANS. San Antonio, Naylor, 1971. 2nd printing. 8vo. 160pp . Near fine in dust jacket. Endpaper maps, 12 pages of photographs. Description of the life of an impoverished people in the almost inaccessible canyons of Chihuahua. $12.50

1089., Castellanos, Rosario. BALUN-CANAN. Mexico, FCE, 1973. 2nd edition. 5th printing. 16mo. 291pp . Lightly creased, very good; paperback. In Spanish. A novel of Comitan, Chiapas with two main characters, indigenous & white. $9.50

2704., Castile, George Pierre. CHERAN: LA ADAPTACION DE UNA COMUNIDAD TRADICIONAL DE MICHOACAN. Mexico, INI, 1974. 1st Spanish edition. Small 8vo. 218pp . Very good in dust jacket. Bibliography, 25 pages of photographs. 6 figures. An anthropological study of a small Tarascan village near Patzcuaro. $25.00

2921., Castillo Torre, Jose. EL P.N.R. DE MEXICO: COMO DEBE ENTENDERSE LA RAZON DE SU ORIGEN Y SU FUNCION COMO INSTITUTO POLITICO DE LA REVOLUCION MEXICANA. Mexico, S.R.E., 1933. 1st edition. 8vo. 19pp . Lightly browned, very good; staple bound paperback. In Spanish. A lovely illuminated letter in black, gold & purple begins an essay on the history of the P.R.N. $15.00

568., Castillo Torre, Jose. EL PAIS QUE NO SE PARECE A OTRO. Mexico, Self published, 1934. 1st edition. 8vo. 217pp . Chipped spine, lightly soiled cover, good, tight copy; paperback. In Spanish. The "proto-history" of the Yucatan, speculative Mayan archaeology relating to Atlantis, Mu, & India. $20.00

3376., Castro Leal, Antonio. EL ESPAN~OL, INSTRUMENTO DE UNA CULTURA Y OTROS ENSAYOS. Mexico, Sepsetentas, 1975. 1st edition. 16mo. 183pp . Lightly rubbed, very good; paperback. 7 essays include the music of Carlos Chavez, poetry of Luis Urbina, & studies of von Humbolt & John Hawkins. $12.50

1117., Castro Leal, Antonio. LAS CIEN MEJORES POESIAS LIRICAS MEXICANAS. Mexico, Editorial Porrua, 1953. 4th edition. 12mo. 306pp . Lightly browned covers, very good; paperback. In Spanish. The selection includes Prieto, Tablada, Justo Sierra, Lopez Velarde, Nervo, Sor Juana, Abad, & others. $10.00

2826., Castro Leal, Antonio, ed. TWENTY CENTURIES OF MEXICAN ART/VEINTE SIGLOS DE ARTE MEXICANO. New York, Museum of Modern Art, 1940. 1st edition. Small 4to. 199pp . Ex-library (1 stamp) else good, tight copy; paperback. Bilingual English/Spanish. Well illustrated in color & black & white. Pre-conquest, colonial, modern & folk art. $15.00

2270., Ceballos Novelo, J. Roque. LAS CULTURAS DEL VALLE DE MEXICO: ARCAICA, TEOTIHUACANA Y AZTECA. Mexico, El Nacional, 1941. 1st edition. 12mo. 138pp . Chipped spine, worn edges, good tight copy. In Spanish. Numerous text figures, bibliography. All aspects of the cultural archaeology covered. $17.50

3615., Cecen~a, Jose Luis. MEXICO EN LA ORBETA IMPERIAL: LAS EMPRESAS TRANSNACIONALES. Mexico, Ediciones El Caballito, 1982. 14th edition. 12mo. 255pp . Rubbed cover, very good; paperback. In Spanish. Historical study of the economic impact of transnational corporations in Mexico from 1821 to 1969. $15.00

165., Ceniceros, Jose Angel. MEXICO'S ATTITUDE IN ITS INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: ASSERTION AND DEVELOPMENT OF DOCTRINES. Mexico, Foreign Relations Ministry, 1935. 1st edition. 8vo. 53pp . Ex-library (1 stamp), else very good; staple bound paperback. A speech outlining Mexico's policies by the foreign minister & several reactions from around Latin America. $15.00

1087., Chase, Stuart. MEXICO: A STUDY OF TWO AMERICAS. New York, The Literary Guild, 1931. Reprint edition. 8vo. 338pp . Good, tight copy. 1 color & 15 black & white illustrations by Diego Rivera. $10.00

1569., Chase, Stuart. MEXICO: A STUDY OF TWO AMERICAS. New York, The Literary Guild, 1931. Reprint edition. 8vo. 338pp . Very good in dust jacket, small tears, chips in jacket. 1 color & 15 black & white illustrations by Diego Rivera. $12.50

2663., Chavez Orozco, Luis, et al. SOBRE EL PETROLEO DE MEXICO: CONFERENCIAS. Mexico, Secretaria de Educacion, 1938. 1st edition. 8vo. 109pp . Ex-library, else very good; paperback. In Spanish. Various papers on the recovery/expropriation of Mexico's oil resources. $20.00

1468., Chencinsky, Jacobo. LAS MUERTES DE EDGARDO. Barcelona, Barral Editores, 1974. 1st edition. 8vo. 334pp . Very good; paperback in acetate wrapper. In Spanish. A Mexican novel of multiple veiwpoints. $15.00

950., Christ, Ronald, ed. REVIEW 72: FOCUS ON OCTAVIO PAZ AND SEVERO SARDUY. Fall, 1972. New York, 8vo. 75pp . Soiled, good, tight copy; paperback. Interview with Paz, autobiographical essay by Sarduy, criticism by a variety of writers. $15.00

861., Cleland, Robert Glass. THE MEXICAN YEARBOOK: THE STANDARD AUTHORITY ON MEXICO 1922-24. Los Angeles, Mexican Year Book, 1924. 8vo. 582pp . Ex-library, tight copy, internally clean. Folding map. A reliable compendium, the second issued. With more statistical & current matters than the first. $12.50

2112., Clendinnen, Inga. AMBIVALENT CONQUESTS: MAYA AND SPANIARD IN YUCATAN, 1517-1570. Cambridge, Cambridge University, 1987. 1st edition. 12mo. 245pp . About fine in dust jacket. Bibliography, illustrated. The best account of the confrontation in the Yucatan & the role of de Landa & the church in crushing Mayan resistance. $15.00

2103., Cline, Howard F. THE UNITED STATES AND MEXICO. Cambridge, Harvard University, 1963. Revised edition. Small 8vo. 485pp . Very good in dust jacket. The definitive study of U.S. Mexican relations to 1962. $10.00

1813., Coan, Otis W. & Richard G. Lillard. AMERICA IN FICTION: AN ANNOTATED LIST OF NOVELS THAT INTERPRET ASPECTS OF LIFE IN THE UNITED STATES, CANADA, AND MEXICO. Palo Alto, Pacific Books, 1967. 5th edition. 8vo. 232pp . Pencil marginalia, good, tight copy in worn dust jacket. A standard reference guide with helpful annotations including only books written in or translated to English. $10.00

727., Coccioli, Carlo. MANUEL THE MEXICAN. New York, Simon & Schuster, 1958. 1st U.S. edition. 8vo. 370pp . Very good in lightly worn dust jacket, jacket spine sunned. A novel of the life of a man from the village of Tepoztlan who wanders the length & breadth of Mexico after the Revolution. $15.00

2833., Coe, Michael D. AMERICA'S FIRST CIVILIZATION. New York, American Heritage, 1968. Large 8vo. 159pp . Very good. Well illustrated in color & black & white. A popular summary of the knowledge of the Olmec & history of the archaeological discoveries concerning their civilization. $10.00

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