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All books are hardback unless otherwise indicated.

54., Anguiano, Maria Eugenia. AGRICULTURA Y MIGRACION EN EL VALLE DE MEXICALI. Tijuana, El Colegio de la Frontera No, 1995. 1st edition. 8vo. 148pp . Lightly rubbed, near fine; paperback. In Spanish. Bibliography. An economic history of the development of large scale, mostly cotton, farming around Mexicali & expansion of migrant workers. $16.50

115., Carabarin Gracia, Alberto. EL TRABAJO Y LOS TRABAJADORES DEL OBRAJE EN LA CIUDAD DE PUEBLA 1700-1710. Puebla, Universidad Autonomia, 1984. 1st edition. Small 4to. 77pp . Near fine, lightly bumped; paperback. In Spanish. A study of an 18th century woolen mill in Puebla. $17.50

83., Constable, Hilaria Joy Heath. LUCHA DE CLASES: LA INDUSTRIA TEXTIL EN TLAXCALA. Mexico, Ediciones El Caballito, 1982. 1st edition. 12mo. 151pp . Lightly bumped, very good; paperback. In Spanish. The history of organizing in the Tlaxcala textile factories, colonial times to 1975 with emphasis on the crisis of 1960-1975. $15.00

321., Durand, Jorge. LOS OBREROS DE RIO GRANDE. Zamora, El Colegio de Michoacan, 1986. 1st edition. 12mo. 244pp . Lightly rubbed. very good; paperback. In Spanish, Bibliography. A history of working class life & ppolitical struggle in the textile mills of El Salto, Jalisco. $17.50

149., Grosso, Juan Carlos. ESTRUCTURA PRODUCTIVA Y FUERZA DE TRABAJO PUEBLA 1830-1890. Puebla, Universidad Autonomia, 1984. 1st edition. Small 4to. 69pp . Near fine, lightly bumped; paperback. In Spanish. A study of the restructuring of the textile industry in the 19th century from traditional methods to modern factories. $17.50

302., Harrer, Hans Jurgen. 1910-1917 RAICES ECONOMICAS DE LA REVOLUCION MEXICANA. Mexico, Ediciones Taller Abierto, 1983. 1st edition. 12mo. 220pp . Very good, rubbed; paperback. In Spanish. Bibliography. A study of both the economic causes of the revolution & the development of economic reality through Cardenas to 1934. $15.00

3616., Ladd, Doris M. THE MAKING OF A STRIKE: MEXICAN SILVER WORKERS' STRUGGLES IN REAL DEL MONTE, 1766-1775. Lincoln, University of Nebraska, 1988. 1st edition. 8vo. 205pp . About fine in lightly worn dust jacket. Bibliography, 2 maps. The first social history dealing with labor in colonial Mexico is about the first strike in North America. $10.00

75., Len~ero, Estela. EL HUSO Y EL SEXO (LA MUJER OBRERA EN DOS INDUSTRIAS DE TLAXCALA). Mexico, SEP, 1984. 1st edition. 8vo. 156pp . Very lightly rubbed, near fine; paperback. In Spanish. Limited to 1000 copies. A study of women workers in a textile & a dress making factory in the mid 20th century. $20.00

34., Ochoa, Alvaro & Alfredo Uribe. EMIGRANTES DEL OESTE. Mexico, Cultura y Artes, 1990. 1st edition. Small 8vo. 164pp . About fine; paperback. In Spanish. More than 100 years of history of migrants from Michoacan to the United States. $17.50

6., Pen~a, Rodolfo F. (prologue). INSURGENCIA OBRERA Y NACIONALISMO REVOLUCIONARIO. Mexico, Ediciones El Caballito, 1973. 1st edition. 12mo. 503pp . Lightly bumped very good; paperback. In Spanish. A collection of articles & editorials from Solidaridad, the publication of the radical Mexican electrical workers union. $15.00

299., Radkau, Verena. "LA FAMA" Y LA VIDA: UNA FABRICA Y SUS OBRERAS. Mexico, SEP, 1984. 1st edition. 8vo. 110pp . Very good, lightly rubbed; paperback. In Spanish. Bibliography. Photographs. The history of a textile factory under Porfiriato & revolution & oral history of one of its militant women workers. $17.50

2619., Salles, Vania & Elsie McPhail, eds. TEXTOS Y PRE-TEXTOS: ONCE ESTUDIOS SOBRE LA MUJER. Mexico, El Colegio de Mexico, 1991. 1st edition. Small 8vo. 502pp . Very good; paperback. In Spanish. Feminist studies of working women in Mexico include women in the Volkswagen plant, teachers, domestic labor, clothing, more. $20.00

76., Shabot, Esther. LOS ORIGENES DEL SINDICALISMO FERROCARRILERO. Mexico, Ediciones el Caballito, 1982. 1st edition. 8vo. 303pp . Rubbed, very good; paperback. In Spanish. Bibliography. The beginnings of railroad unions in Mexico, 1900-1914 from Porfirio to the Revolution. $25.00

325., Tun~on, Esperanza. HUERTA Y EL MOVIMEIENTO OBRERO. Mexico, Ediciones El Caballito, 1982. 1st edition. 12mo. 117pp . Lightly creased, very good; paperback. In Spanish. Bibliography. History of the general strike, & other developments of workers' struggles under the reactionary Huerta regime. $15.00


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