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54., Anguiano, Maria Eugenia. AGRICULTURA Y MIGRACION EN EL VALLE DE MEXICALI. Tijuana, El Colegio de la Frontera No, 1995. 1st edition. 8vo. 148pp . Lightly rubbed, near fine; paperback. In Spanish. Bibliography. An economic history of the development of large scale, mostly cotton, farming around Mexicali & expansion of migrant workers. $16.50

520., Anonymous. PLAN LERMA, ASISTENCIA TECNICA, OPERACION HUICOT. Guadalajara, Poder Ejecutivo Federal, 1966. 1st edition. 4to. 203pp . Very good in dust jacket; paperback. Photographs, maps. Development plan for indigenous Huichol, Cora, & Tepehuan communities with anthropological information. $25.00

2067., Avila, Manuel. TRADITION AND GROWTH: A STUDY OF FOUR MEXICAN VILLAGES. Chicago, University of Chicago, 1969. 1st edition. Small 8vo. 219pp . Near fine in price clipped dust jacket, large tear rear jacket. Economic & social history of Aztec, Zapotec, Mayan, & Ladino peasant villages through a time of intense modernization. $12.50

1663., Cancian, Frank. CHANGE AND UNCERTAINTY IN A PEASANT ECONOMY: THE MAYA CORN FARMERS OF ZINACATAN. Stanford, Stanford University, 1972. 1st edition. 8vo. 208pp . About fine in dust jacket. Endpaper maps, other map, 24 photographs. Changes and lack of change 1957-66 under government economic opportunity programs. $17.50

1450., Cardenas, Lazaro. CONDICIONES ECONOMICAS DE MEXICO. Mexico, DAPP, 1937. 1st edition. 8vo. 13pp . Lightly bumped, good; staple bound paperback. In Spanish. A speech by the President of Mexico on the state of the Mexican government's economic health. $12.50

3615., Cecen~a, Jose Luis. MEXICO EN LA ORBETA IMPERIAL: LAS EMPRESAS TRANSNACIONALES. Mexico, Ediciones El Caballito, 1982. 14th edition. 12mo. 255pp . Rubbed cover, very good; paperback. In Spanish. Historical study of the economic impact of transnational corporations in Mexico from 1821 to 1969. $15.00

3429., Cornelius, Wayne A., Judith Gentleman & Peter Smith, eds. MEXICO'S ALTERNATIVE POLITICAL FUTURES. San Diego, UCSD, 1989. 1st edition. 8vo. 472pp . Rubbed cover, very good; paperback. 20 papers on the PRI, the opposition, democratization, economics, & social change. $10.00

2476., Espinosa de los Monteros, Antonio, dir. MEMORIA DE LOS CENSOS GENERALES DE POBLACION, AGRICOLA, GANADERO E INDUSTRIA DE 1930. Mexico, Dep. de la Estadistica, 1932. 1st edition. 8vo. 212pp . Front cover separated, else tight working copy; paperback. 19 photographic plates of the taking of the census interesting for the dress; statistics on population, agriculture & industry. $20.00

122., Fernandez, Raul A. THE UNITED STATES - MEXICO BORDER: A POLITICO-ECONOMIC PROFILE. Notre Dame, University of Notre Dame, 1977. 1st edition. Small 8vo. 174pp . Very light corner wear, minor marginalia, else very good. Map, The thesis is uneven development & a highly monopolized US economy condemn the area to continued reliance on cheap labor. $10.00

290., Green, Maria del Rosario. EL ENDEUDAMIENTO PUBLICO EXTERNO DE MEXICO 1940-1973. Mexico, Colegio de Mexico, 1976. 1st edition. 8vo. 231pp . Lightly creased, soiled, good, tight copy; paperback. Inscribed by the author to her sister-in-law. #623 of 3000 copies. $9.50

302., Harrer, Hans Jurgen. 1910-1917 RAICES ECONOMICAS DE LA REVOLUCION MEXICANA. Mexico, Ediciones Taller Abierto, 1983. 1st edition. 12mo. 220pp . Very good, rubbed; paperback. In Spanish. Bibliography. A study of both the economic causes of the revolution & the development of economic reality through Cardenas to 1934. $15.00

742., Ibarra, David, et al. EL PERFIL DE MEXICO EN 1980. 3 Volumes. Mexico, Siglo Veintiuno, 1977, '70 & '76. 8th, 1st & 4th edition. 12mo. 199+303+625pp . Vols. 1 & 3 very good, vol. 2 has light marginalia; paperback. Covers economics, political economy, agriculture, natural resources, industry, housing & development, culture & sociology. $45.00

2127., Kraus, Jennifer, Chris McGinn, et al. NAFTA'S BROKEN PROMISES: FAILURE TO CREAT U.S. JOBS. Washington DC, Public Citizen, 1997. 1st edition. 4to. 41pp . Near fine; staple bound paperback. A report on job losses from NAFTA after 3 years, a company by company analysis. $12.50

1291., McBride, Robert H., ed. MEXICO AND THE UNITED STATES: ENERGY, TRADE, INVESTMENT, IMMIGRATION, TOURISM. Englewood Cliffs, Prentice Hall, 1981. 1st edition. 12mo. 197pp . About fine in lightly bumped dust jacket. 8 papers on US/Mexican economic relations. $10.00

887., McMahon, William E. TWO STRIKES AND OUT. Garden City, Country Life, 1939. 8vo. 156pp . Good, tight copy. A Texan oil lawyer's view on the nationalization of the Mexican oil industry. $9.50

1782., Mosk, Sanford A. INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION IN MEXICO. Berkeley, University of California, 1954. 2nd printing. 8vo. 331pp . Very good in dust jacket. A case study of industrializing an undeveloped country with an agricultural base, Mexico under Cardenas, Avila Camacho & Aleman. $20.00

3604., Mosk, Sanford A. INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION IN MEXICO. Berkeley, University of California, 1950. 1st edition. 8vo. 331pp . Very good in dust jacket. A case study of the industrialization of an agricultural economy with social problems examined alongside the economic. $22.50

1248., Pool, Carolyn Garrett, ed. PAPERS IN ANTHROPOLOGY. Volume 21, Number 1, Sping 1980. Norman, University of Oklahoma, 1980. Small 4to. 119pp . Very good; paperback. Papers on rural unemployment in Mexico, several concentrating on Yucatan. $9.50

3325., Randall, Robert W. REAL DEL MONTE: A BRITISH MINING VENTURE IN MEXICO. Austin, University of Texas, 1972. 1st edition. 8vo. 257pp . About fine in price clipped dust jacket. Bibliography. 8 maps, 7 tables. An English failure ($5 million lost from 1824 to 1849) led to a successful Mexican/US mining enterprise. $20.00

2530., Romero, Matias (Obituary of author tipped to verso of pre-title). GEOGRAPHICAL AND STATISTICAL NOTES ON MEXICO. New York, Putnam, 1898. 1st edition. 8vo. 286pp . Small tears in leading edge of all pages, a bit into text. Still a readable working copy. A summary of the flora, fauna, geology, ethnology, economics, much on railroads & trade. $25.00

231., Sanderson, Steven E. THE TRANSFORMATION OF MEXICAN AGRICULTURE: INTERNATIONAL STRUCTURE AND THE POLITICS OF RURAL CHANGE. Princeton, Princeton University, 1986. 1st edition. 8vo. 324pp . Fine in dust jacket. The de-development of agriculture, or, why Mexico can no longer feed its people. $25.00

2807., Schmidt, Samuel. EN BUSCA DE LA DECISION: LA INDUSTRIA MAQUILADORA EN CUIDAD JUAREZ. Ciudad Juarez/El Paso, UACJ/UTEP, 1998. 1st edition. 12mo. 434pp . Lightly rubbed, very good; paperback. In Spanish. A series of interviews of US & Mexican businessmen, govenment officials & union leaders form a history of maquilas in Juarez. $17.50

419., Schoonover, Thomas David. DOLLARS OVER DOMINION: THE TRIUMPH OF LIBERALISM IN MEXICAN-UNITED STATE RELATIONS, 1861-1867. Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University, 1978. 1st edition. 8vo. 316pp . Very good in dust jacket. The relationship between the Mexican Liberal Party & the U.S. Republican Party & laissez-faire economics is traced. $14.50

952., Sklair, Leslie. ASSEMBLING FOR DEVELOPMENT: THE MAQUILA INDUSTRY IN MEXICO AND THE UNITED STATES. San Diego, University of California, 1993. Updated edition. 8vo. 287pp . Very good, lightly rubbed; paperback. $9.50

1731., Vasquez, Carlos & Manuel Garcia y Griego, eds. MEXICAN-U.S. RELATIONS: CONFLICT AND CONVERGENCE. Los Angeles, University of California, 1983. 1st edition. 8vo. 490pp . Very good, light edgewear & soiling. A definitive selection of critical essays by the foremost scholars in Mexican-U.S. economic relations. $20.00

659., Vernon, Raymond. EL DILEMA DEL DESARROLLO ECONOMICO DE MEXICO: PAPELES REPRESENTADOS POR LOS SECTORES PUBLICO Y PRIVADO. Mexico, Editorial Diana, 1970. 4th printing. Small 8vo. 235pp . Very good in dust jacket. An economic history of development in Mexico, drawing lessons from successes & failures by a Harvard professor. $15.00

1719., Weintraub, Sidney. A MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE: RELATIONS BETWEEN MEXICO AN THE UNITED STATES. New York, Oxford, 1990. 1st edition. 8vo. 270pp . Very good in dust jacket. A Twentieth Century Fund Report. Economic relations inspired by what Octavio Paz called the twin sisters of ignorance & arrogance giving way to interdependence. $15.00

1666., Wilson, Patricia A. EXPORTS AND LOCAL DEVELOPMENT: MEXICO'S NEW MAQUILADORAS. Austin, University of Texas, 1992. 1st edition. 8vo. 160pp . Tiny mark bottom edge, very good in dust jacket. A pragmatic approach to a highly politicized problem, how to make maquillas work for local development. $12.50


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