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All books are hardback unless otherwise indicated.

346., Abbate, Francesco, ed. PRECOLUMBIAN ART OF NORTH AMERICA AND MEXICO. London, Octopus, 1972. 1st English edition. 12mo. 159pp . Near fine in dust jacket. 98 color photographs. Sections on Eskimo, "North American Indian", & Mexican art. $10.00

2791., Albers, Anni (photographs by John T. Hill, introduction by Michael D. Cole). PRE-COLUMBIAN MEXICAN MINIATURES: THE JOSEF AND ANNI ALBERS COLLECTION. New York, Praeger, 1970. 1st edition. Large 4to. Soiled boards, very good. 84 photographs. Unpaginated. An extensive collection of small depictions of human figures in clay & stone. $25.00

1529., Andrews, George F. et al. EDZNA, CAMPECHE, MEXICO: SETTLEMENT PATTERNS AND MONUMENTAL ARCHITECTURE. Culver City, Labyrinthos, 1984. 4to. 149pp . About fine; paperback. In 2 volumes, one of text with 17 line figures & 71 photographs & the second of 7 loose, folded maps. $20.00

1459., Anonymous. LOS CODICES DE MEXICO. Mexico, INAH, 1979. 1st edition. Square 4to. 142pp . Very good; paperback. In Spanish. Introductory essays, 60 color & black & white plates reproducing the codices, explanatory texts. $35.00

520., Anonymous. PLAN LERMA, ASISTENCIA TECNICA, OPERACION HUICOT. Guadalajara, Poder Ejecutivo Federal, 1966. 1st edition. 4to. 203pp . Very good in dust jacket; paperback. Photographs, maps. Development plan for indigenous Huichol, Cora, & Tepehuan communities with anthropological information. $25.00

2067., Avila, Manuel. TRADITION AND GROWTH: A STUDY OF FOUR MEXICAN VILLAGES. Chicago, University of Chicago, 1969. 1st edition. Small 8vo. 219pp . Near fine in price clipped dust jacket, large tear rear jacket. Economic & social history of Aztec, Zapotec, Mayan, & Ladino peasant villages through a time of intense modernization. $12.50

151., Beals, Ralph L. ETHNOLOGY OF THE WESTERN MIXE. New York, Cooper Square, 1973. Reprint edition. 8vo. 175pp . Light shelf wear, near fine. 2 maps, 17 plates, 7 figures. From the 1945 edition of Beals' 1933 study of the Mixe of eastern Oaxaca, new introduction for this edition. Bibliography. $15.00

217., Bell, Betty, ed. INDIAN MEXICO PAST AND PRESENT. Los Angeles, University of California, 1967. 1st edition. 8vo. 109pp . Very good; paperback. 6 papers originally presented at the symposium of the same name at UCLA on December 4, 1965. $9.50

3343., Bernal, Ignacio, Alfonso Velez Orozco & Juan Garcia Ramos (edited by Raul Cardiel Reyes). TRES CIENTIFICOS MEXICANOS. Mexico, SepSetentas, 1974. 1st edition. 16mo. 212pp . Near fine; paperback. In Spanish. Bibliography. Biographies of archaeologist Alfonso Caso, doctor Ignacio Gonzalez Guzman & scientist Arturo Rosenblueth. $9.50

2743., Boas, Franz. NOTES ON THE CHATINO LANGUAGE OF MEXICO. Lancaster, New Era, 1913. 8vo. 9pp . Very good; staple bound paperback. Reprinted from American Anthropologist, January-March, 1913. Vocabulary & grammar of a Oaxacan people. $25.00

1549., Burland, C.A. MONTEZUMA: LORD OF THE AZTECS. New York, Putnam, 1973. 1st edition. Small 4to. 269pp . Slightly loosening hinges, good in worn, chipped dust jacket. A look at the Conquest & Aztec culture sympathetic to the Aztec by an archaeologist with the British Museum. $12.50

692., Cancian, Frank. ECONOMICS AND PRESTIGE IN A MAYA COMMUNITY: THE RELIGIOUS SYSTEM IN ZINACANTAN. Stanford, Stanford University, 1971. 8vo. 238pp . Remainder spray bottom edge, else very good; paperback. 2 maps, eight pages of photographs. The religious hierarchy & its economic & political implications from archival & field work. $10.00

3124., Cancian, Frank. THE DECLINE OF COMMUNITY IN ZINACANTAN: ECONOMY, PUBLIC LIFE, AND SOCIAL STRATIFICATION, 1960-1987. Stanford, Stanford University, 1992. 1st edition. 8vo. 300pp . About fine in dust jacket. Bibliography, photographs. A well studied community moves into the modern & post-modern age, not always comfortably. $30.00

2704., Castile, George Pierre. CHERAN: LA ADAPTACION DE UNA COMUNIDAD TRADICIONAL DE MICHOACAN. Mexico, INI, 1974. 1st Spanish edition. Small 8vo. 218pp . Very good in dust jacket. Bibliography, 25 pages of photographs. 6 figures. An anthropological study of a small Tarascan village near Patzcuaro. $25.00

568., Castillo Torre, Jose. EL PAIS QUE NO SE PARECE A OTRO. Mexico, Self published, 1934. 1st edition. 8vo. 217pp . Chipped spine, lightly soiled cover, good, tight copy; paperback. In Spanish. The "proto-history" of the Yucatan, speculative Mayan archaeology relating to Atlantis, Mu, & India. $20.00

2270., Ceballos Novelo, J. Roque. LAS CULTURAS DEL VALLE DE MEXICO: ARCAICA, TEOTIHUACANA Y AZTECA. Mexico, El Nacional, 1941. 1st edition. 12mo. 138pp . Chipped spine, worn edges, good tight copy. In Spanish. Numerous text figures, bibliography. All aspects of the cultural archaeology covered. $17.50

94., Chavez Teran, Adriana. ANCIANOS INDIGENAS DE BAJA CALIFORNIA: ESLABONES INTERGENERACIONALES DESDIBUJADOS. Tijuana, ILCSA Ediciones, 2005. 1st edition. 12mo. 117pp . Small abrasion at rearvery good; paperback. Bibliography, photos. A study of the roles of elders among the indigenous peoples of Baja California within & outside their communities. In Spanish. $15.00

2833., Coe, Michael D. AMERICA'S FIRST CIVILIZATION. New York, American Heritage, 1968. Large 8vo. 159pp . Very good. Well illustrated in color & black & white. A popular summary of the knowledge of the Olmec & history of the archaeological discoveries concerning their civilization. $10.00

269., Coe, Michael D. MEXICO: ANCIENT PEOPLES AND PLACES. New York, Praeger, 1969. 4th printing. 8vo. 245pp . Creased spine & front cover, good, tight copy; paperback. 8 maps, 75 photographs, 32 line drawings, & 1 table; 7 page bibliography. $6.50

1515., Cortes Ruiz, Efrain C. SAN SIMON DE LA LAGUNA. Mexico, Inst. Nacional Indigenista, 1972. 1st edition. 8vo. 165pp . Very good in dust jacket. In Spanish. 5 page bibliography. Photographs, maps. A thorough ethnographic study of the Mazahua, an Otomi people in the north of the State of Mexico. $20.00

2180., Corzo, Angel M. IDEARIO DEL MAESTRO INDOAMERICANO: POR EL ESPIRITU DEL INDIO SE FORJARA LA NUEVA CULTURA DE AMERICA Y SU GRANDEZA. Mexico, DAPP, 1938. 1st edition. 4to. 148pp . Chipped at spine foot, good, tight copy; paperback. In Spanish. A review of indigenous culture & strong appeal for indigenous rights as the basis of a truly American cultural renaissance. $35.00

930., Cuellar, Jose Arturo. LA COMUNIDAD PRIMITIVA Y LAS POLITICAS DE DESARROLLO (EL CASO SERI). Mexico, Universidad Nacional, 1980. 1st edition. 8vo. 142pp . Very good; paperback. In Spanish. Bibliography. 26 pages of photographs, 2 maps. The impact of various development strategies on the Seri of Sonora. $15.00

413., Davies, Nigel. THE TOLTECS: UNTIL THE FALL OF TULA. Norman, University of Oklahoma, 1977. 1st edition. 8vo. 533pp . Very light corner wear, near fine in dust jacket. Small piece missing from dust jacket. Bibliography, 32 pages of photographs. The Toltec empire at its zenith. $12.50

3220., Diaz Giron, Antonio & Alicio Rafaael Ordon~o, eds. ARTE PREHISPANICO. Nuevo Laredo, Casa de las Artesanias, 1971. Oblong 4to. 52pp . Corner bumped, very good; paperback. In English, Spanish, French. A catalogue of reproductions for sale, prices in pencil, photos & descriptions of 25 objects, letter from gallery laid in loose. $17.50

831., Diaz, May N. TONALA: CONSERVATISM, RESPONSIBILITY, AND AUTHORITY IN A MEXICAN TOWN. Berkeley, University of California, 1966. 1st edition. 8vo. 234pp . Lightly soiled, very good in slightly chipped dust jacket. The changes in a small, traditional community of potters as the city of Guadalajara expands & engulfs it. (2nd copy no dj $9.50). $14.50

1458., Diaz-Bolio, Jose. INSTRUCTIVE GUIDE TO THE RUINS OF UXMAL - THE CITY OF THE FEATHERED SERPENT. Merida, Area Maya, 1971. 1st edition. Narrow 8vo (5"). 82pp . Creased leading corners of cover, very good; paperback. Fold out map & site plan, many photographs. A polemic insisting the serpent is a rattlesnake, counter of years by its rattles. $15.00

1688., Diehl, Richard A. TULA: THE TOLTEC CAPITAL OF ANCIENT MEXICO. New York, Thames & Hudson, 1983. 1st edition. Small 4to. 184pp . Very good. Bibliography. 130 illustrations, 15 in color. The history, economy, trade, social organization, religion & arts of the Mexican civilization sacked in 1179. $15.00

1346., Direccion del Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia. ANALES DEL INSTITUTO: Tomo XIV, Num. 43, 1961. SOBRETIRO DE LA INFORMACION GENERAL DE LAS ACTIVIDADES DEL INSTITUTO. Mexico, 1962. Small 4to. 32pp . Very good; staplebound paperback. 12 plates. Summary of work & publications issued for the Congreso Internacional de Americanistas, 1962. In Spanish. $10.00

1427., Dorner, Gerd. FOLK ART OF MEXICO. New York, A.S. Barnes, 1962. 1st US edition. Square 8vo. 67pp . Near fine in bright dust jacket, small tears in jacket. 28 tipped in color plates, map. Cloth, pottery, masks, silver, wicker, papier mache, & more. $10.00

1060., Elson, Benjamin. GRAMATICA DEL POPOLUCA DE LA SIERRA. Xalapa, Universidad Veracruzana, 1960. 1st edition. Small 8vo. 133pp . Light bumping & foxing, very good; paperback. In Spanish. A grammar with illustrative texts of an indigenous language from Veracruz, spoken in 1960 by about 10,000 persons. $30.00

280., Encinas, Alejandro & Fernando Rascon. REPORTE Y CRONOLOGIA DEL MOVIMIENTO CAMPESINO E INDIGENA, JULIO-DICIEMBRE DE 1982. Mexico, Universidad Chapingo, 1983. 1st edition. 4to. 434pp . Very good; paperback. Every political act of campesinos & indigenous in Mexico for the time period covered is described in detail with sources. $17.50

3485., Erickson, Pamela I. LATINA ADOLESCENT CHILDBEARING IN EAST LOS ANGELES. Austin, University of Texas, 1998. 8vo. 200pp . About fine; paperback. Bibliography, 5 figures. An exploration of the cultural, social, anthropological & public health factors leading to childbearing in teens. $12.50

358., Espejel, Carlos. JUEGUETES MEXICANOS. Mexico, SEP/FONAPAS, 1981. 1st edition. Large folio. 116pp . Gift inscription, very good in dust jacket. Bibliography. In Spanish. 160 color photographs of hand-made Mexican toys, dolls, bulls, roosters, boxers, buses, planes, puppets, & more. $95.00

647., Fay, George E. KATUNOB: A GUIDE TO ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES IN MEXICO. Oshkoshk, Wisconsin State College, 1962. Revised edition. Small 4to. 12pp . Normal browning, very good; staplebound, mimeograph paperback. 8 pages of photographs. $9.50

713., Ferguson, William M. with John Q. Royce. MAYA RUINS OF MEXICO IN COLOR. Norman, University of Oklahoma, 1977. 1st edition. 4to. 246pp . Very good in lightly chipped dust jacket. Palenque, Uxmal, Kabah, Sayil, Xlapak, Labna, Chichen Itza, Coba, & Tulum. Foreword by Michael D. Coe. $25.00

2395., Fernandez del Castillo, Antonio. SIETE SIGLOS DE LA LLEGADA DE LOS AZTECAS A TACUBAYA. Mexico, A.N.H.G., 1976. 1st edition. 8vo. 26pp . Small tear in cover, very good; staple bound paperback. In Spanish. 2 page bibliography, 4 plates from the codices. The arrival of the Aztec in Mexico City & the site at present. $10.00

3200., Fernandez, Justino (edited by Eugenio Fuschgrund). MEXICO'S PREHISPANIC SCULPTURE. Mexico, Editorial Mexico, no date. Small 4to. 37pp . Rubbed, good; staple bound paperback. Well illustrated in color. Representative stone & clay work from Colima, Totonac, Mixtec, Aztec, Maya, Olmec, Zapotec, Toltec, Nayarit, & Nahua cultures. $10.00

1028., Feuchtwanger, Franz. THE ART OF ANCIENT MEXICO. London, Thames & Hudson, 1954. 2nd printing. 4to. 125pp . Good, lightly soiled, tight copy. 109 monochrome photographs by Irmgard Groth-Kimball & 1 in color. $20.00

2874., Fontana, Bernard L., photography by John P. Schaefer. TARAHUMARA: WHERE NIGHT IS THE DAY OF THE MOON. Flagstaff, Northland Press, 1979. 1st edition. 4to. 167pp . Light edge wear, very good in slightly worn dust jacket. 44 color plates & 41 duotones illustrate a history & ethnology of the indigenous people of the northern Sierra Madre Occidental. $20.00

45., Freyding, Jorge-Arturo. HISTORIAS DE CULTURA. Mexicali, ICBC, 2001. 1st edition. 12mo. 103pp . About fine; paperback. In Spanish. Premio Estatal de Literatura 2000, articles on mass culture in Mexicali, rock & popular music, narcoculture, witchcraft & more. $15.00

2726., Frias, Valentin F. LEYENDAS Y TRADICIONES QUERETANAS II. Queretero, Universidad de Queretero, 1999. 2nd edition. 8vo. 237pp . Very lightly abraided rear cover, near fine; paperback. In Spanish. Folk tales, legends & short historical vignettes of the city, the 2nd in the series. $17.50

2780., Frias, Valentin F. LEYENDAS Y TRADICIONES QUERETANAS IV. Queretero, Universidad de Queretero, 1999. 2nd edition. 8vo. 97pp . About fine; paperback. In Spanish. Folk tales, legends & short historical vignettes of the city, the 4th in the series. $15.00

2016., Friedrich, Paul. THE PRINCES OF NARANJA: AN ESSAY IN ANTHROHISTORICAL METHOD. Austin, university of Texas, 1986. 8vo. 305pp . Lightly rubbed, very good; paperback. 7 page bibliography. 14 maps & illustrations. The local power structure of the Tarascan village of Naranja is examined. $9.50

1972., Gomez Tagle, Silvia, ed. NUEVA ANTROPOLOGIA. An~o II, Num. 5, Julio de 1976. Mexico, Escuela Nacional, 8vo. 123pp . Very good; paperback. In Spanish. Includes: Migracion Indigina; Clase, Raza y Etnicidad en Brasil y Mexico; more. $10.00

2106., Gonzalez Davila, Francisco. ANCIENT CULTURES OF MEXICO. Mexico, Museo Nacional, 1972. 8vo. 79pp . Near fine; staple bound paperback. Many photographs with accompanying text in this guide to the holdings of the National Museum of Anthropology. $9.50

2090., Granberg, Wilbur J. PEOPLE OF THE MAGUEY: THE OTOMI INDIANS OF MEXICO. New York, Praeger, 1970. Small 8vo. 160pp . Very good in worn, sunned dust jacket. Bibliography, photos. The history & present everyday life of a desert people. $10.00

132., Greenberg, James B. SANTIAGO'S SWORD: CHATINO PEASANT RELIGION AND ECONOMICS. Berkeley, University of California, 1981. 1st edition. 8vo. 227pp . Near fine in dust jacket. The interplay of religion & economics in an indigenous community in Oaxaca, Mexico. $9.50

1237., Gresham, Elizabeth. THE WORLD OF THE AZTECS. New York, Walker, 1961. 1st edition. Small 4to. 98pp . Very good in worn, torn, chipped dust jacket. A very nicely illustrated, thorough overview of scholarship on the Aztecs for young readers. $10.00

981., Gyles, Anna Benson & Chloe Sayer. OF GODS AND MEN: MEXICO AND THE MEXICAN INDIAN. London, British Broadcasting Corp, 1980. 1st edition. Square 8vo. 232pp . Near fine in dust jacket. Well illustrated in color & black & white; pre-conquest, post-conquest, & modern survey of indigenous Mexico. $12.50

794., Hammer, Olga & Jeanne D'Andrea. TREASURES OF MEXICO FROM THE MEXICAN NATIONAL MUSEUMS/TESOROS DE MEXICO DE LOS MUSEOS NACIONALES MEXICANOS. Los Angeles, Armand Hammer Foundation, 1978. 1st edition. 4to. 206pp . Lightly rubbed, very good; paperback. Bilingual Spanish/English. Exhibition catalog for a traveling exhibition, reproductions in color & black & white. $12.50

239., Harner, Michael & Alfred Meyer. CANNIBAL. New York, William Morrow, 1979. 1st edition. 8vo. 312pp . Very good in lightly worn dust jacket. An anthropologist & a popular science editor team up for a novel of the conquest of Mexico. $12.50

2466., Hatt, Carolyn. THE MAYA: BASED ON THE EDGAR CAYCE READINGS. Virginia Beach, A.R.E. Press, 1976. 2nd printing. 8vo. 68pp . Near fine; staple bound paperback. Bibliography. Relation of the Maya to Atlantis, highly speculative archaeological analysis. $10.00

2782., Humboldt, Alejandro de. ENSAYO POLITICO SOBRE EL REINO DE LA NUEVA ESPAN~A. Mexico, Compania General, 1953. 12mo. 285pp . Lightly rubbed, unopened, very good; paperback. In Spanish. An edited version of von Humboldt's 1808 work on the geography, anthropology, sociology, economics, & demographics of Mexico. $20.00

827., Iglesias, Andres. SOTEAPAN IN 1856. Mexico, Editorial Citlaltepetl, 1973. 12mo. 29pp . Lightly rubbed, very good; paperback. Limited to 400 copies. 1 map, 13 plates. An article from 1856 on the indigenous of Vera Cruz, with modern essay & photographs. $9.50

1893., Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia. PRE-SPANISH ART OF MEXICO. Mexico, Secretaria de Educacion, 1946. 2nd edition. 8vo. pp . Very good; illustrated pasteboard binding. 12 pages of introductory text, 1 color & 263 monochrome plates. A review in pictures of architecture, stone sculpture & pottery. $15.00

2380., Kearney, Michael. DRUNKENNESS AND RELIGIOUS CONVERSION IN A MEXICAN VILLAGE. New Brunswick, Rutgers University, 1970. Reprint edition. 8vo. 21pp . Very good; staple bound paperback. From the Journal of Studies on Alcohol, the ceremonial aspects & social pressures of alcoholism in a Oaxacan village, Ixtepeji. $10.00

1391., Keen, Benjamin. THE AZTEC IMAGE. New Brunswick, Rutgers University, 1971. 1st edition. 8vo. 667pp . Very good in dust jacket. 2 maps, color plate, 49 black & white plates, illustrated endpapers. The great inquiry into Aztec civilization in 1519. $20.00

1802., Kendall, Aubin. THE ART OF PRE-COLUMBIAN MEXICO: AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF WORKS IN ENGLISH. Austin, University of Texas, 1975. 2nd printing. 8vo. 115pp . Very good; paperback. 10 photographs of objects. 653 items in this indispensable reference work. $12.50

2761., Koch, Sue (design). THE ART OF ANCIENT MEXICO AND PERU. New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art, no date. Oblong 4to. 16pp . About fine; staple bound paperback. 15 black & white photographs. Pottery, stone, cloth & wood objects described. $15.00

2844., Lameiras, Brigitte B. de. INDIOS DE MEXICO Y VIAJEROS EXTRANJEROS. Mexico, Sepsetentas, 1973. 1st edition. 16mo. 198pp . Lightly rubbed, very good; paperback. In Spanish. Ethnographic studies of non-Spanish travelers to Mexico include Humbolt, Poinsett, Stephens, Bullock, Chabrand, & Heller. $15.00

834., Lewis, Oscar. PEDRO MARTINEZ. London, Secker & Warburg, 1964. 1st British edition. 8vo. 507pp . Very good in chipped, worn, price clipped dust jacket. Illustrated from drawings by Alberto Beltran. The story of a peasant family of Azteca, a village 80 miles from Mexico City. $12.50

1554., Lewis, Oscar. PEDRO MARTINEZ: A MEXICAN PEASANT AND HIS FAMILY. New York, Random House, 1964. 1st edition. 8vo. 507pp . Very good in lightly worn dust jacket. Illustrations by Alberto Beltran. The life story of a 70 year old Mexican peasant & his family. $15.00

810., Lewis, Oscar. THE CHILDREN OF SANCHEZ: AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A MEXICAN FAMILY. New York, Random House, 1961. 1st edition. 8vo. 499pp . About fine in dust jacket. A lovely copy of a wonderful book, a unique inside view of working class family life in Mexico City. $15.00

663., May, Antoinette. PASSIONATE PILGRIM: THE EXTRAORDINARY LIFE OF ALMA REED. New York, Paragon House, 1993. 1st edition. 8vo. 283pp . Remainder mark, else near fine in dust jacket. Friend of Orozco, lover of Yucatan governor Carillo Puerto, she broke the story of the discovery of Chichen Itza in the Times. $12.50

5010. Moises, Rosalio, Jane Holden Kelley & William Curry Holden. THE TALL CANDLE: THE PERSONAL CHRONICLE OF A YAQUI INDIAN. Lincoln, University of Nebraska, 1971. 1st edition. 8vo. 251pp. Very good in rubbed dust jacket, small tears in jacket. Bibliography, fold out geneology, map, 8pp of photographs. The autobiography of a Yaqui born in 1896 including the massacre of 1900 and the uprising of 1926. $10.00 

818., Monteflor P., Eugenio. PICTORIAL ARCHAEOLOGY. Mexico, Litografica Turmex, 1973. 1st edition. Oblong 12mo. 68pp . Very good; paperback. 10 maps & 96 color illustrations. $9.50

1373., Moreno de Tagle, J.E. ARTES DE MEXICO: MUSEO NACIONAL DE ANTROPOLOGIA, An~o XII, Num. 66/67, 1965, a monthly periodical. Mexico, INAH/SEP, 4to. 224pp . Spine rubbed, good, tight copy. In Spanish, English, French & German. About 75 pages of text, the rest 18 color plates & many b/w of archaeological objects. $15.00

145., Novo, Salvador. THE WAR OF THE FATTIES AND OTHER STORIES FROM AZTEC HISTORY. Austin, University of Texas, 1994. 1st edition. 8vo. 232pp . About fine; paperback. Essays, short stories, plays, & poems, a light, accurate introduction to Aztec culture. $9.50

44., Ochoa Zazueta, Jesus Angel. LOS KILIWA Y EL MUNDO SE HIZO ASI. Mexico, INI, 1992. 2nd printing. 8vo. 394pp . About fine; paperback. In Spanish. Photographs, maps, drawings. Bibliography. A thorough ethnography of the Kiliwa a group close to extinction in the north-east of Baja California. $20.00

34., Ochoa, Alvaro & Alfredo Uribe. EMIGRANTES DEL OESTE. Mexico, Cultura y Artes, 1990. 1st edition. Small 8vo. 164pp . About fine; paperback. In Spanish. More than 100 years of history of migrants from Michoacan to the United States. $17.50

1433., Peeler, Damon E. & Marcus Winter. TIEMPO SAGRADO, ESPACIO SAGRADO: ASTRONOMIA, CALENDARIO Y ARQUITECTURA EN MONTE ALBAN Y TEOTIHUACAN. Oaxaca, IOC/FECA, 1996. 2nd edition. 12mo. 26pp . Rubbed, very good; paperback. In Spanish. Bibliography. 5 figures. An essay on the relationships between architecture, astronomy & the calendars in Mesoamerican thought. $15.00

590., Pennington, Campbell W., ed. THE PIMA BAJO OF CENTRAL SONORA, MEXICO. Vol 1, The Material Culture & Vol 2, Vocabulario en la Lengua Nevome. Salt Lake City, University of Utah, 1979. 1st edition. 8vo. 410, 129pp . Near fine in dust jacket. Illustrations, bibliographies. A modern, comprehensive study of the material culture with a 17th century study of the language. $45.00

64., Pin~on Flores, Irais. RECETARIO INDIGENA DE BAJA CALIFORNIA: PRACTICAS ALIMENTICIAS DE LOS PUEBOS DE TRADICION YUMANA EN BAJA CALIFORNIA. Mexico, Conaculta, 2004. 1st edition. 12mo. 135pp . Near fine; paperback. In Spanish. Glossary of plants & animals. An historical introduction & recipes from K'miai, Pa'-pai, Kiliwa, Cucapa y Cochimi cooks. $15.00

1248., Pool, Carolyn Garrett, ed. PAPERS IN ANTHROPOLOGY. Volume 21, Number 1, Sping 1980. Norman, University of Oklahoma, 1980. Small 4to. 119pp . Very good; paperback. Papers on rural unemployment in Mexico, several concentrating on Yucatan. $9.50

81., Posostigo, Manuel del, & Mario A. Carvajal, eds. LEGENDS AND NARRATIVES FROM BAJA CALIFORNIA/LEYENDAS Y RELATOS BAJA CALIFORNIANOS. Tijuana, ILCSA Ediciones, 2005. 1st bilingual edition. 12mo. 237pp . About fine; paperback. Bilingual English/Spanish. Bibliography. Illustrations by Arturo Alamilla & Carlos J. Cruz Aguilera, For young readers, Kiliwa creation stories, Juan Soldado, many more. $15.00

420., Prescott, William H. THE WORLD OF THE AZTECS. Geneva, Minerva, 1970. Square 4to. 156pp . Very good in dust jacket, 1 small tear in rear of jacket. Well illustrated with black & white, monochrome & color plates. $11.50

2100., Reed, Nelson. THE CASTE WAR OF YUCATAN. Stanford, Stanford University, 1973. 8vo. 308pp . Very good; paperback. In 1848 the Maya nearly drove the invaders out of the Yucatan. This is the history of that & the subsequent campaigns. $9.50

107., Reyes Garcia, Luis. DOCUMENTOS SOBRE TIERRAS Y SEN~ORIOS EN CUAUHTINCHAN. Mexico, FCE, 1988. 1st edition. 4to. 220+xviipp . Near fine in lightly soiled dust jacket; in Spanish & Nahuatl. 47 documents (1547 to 1705) from Puebla in Nahuatl with Spanish translations & in Spanish with 19pp of facsimiles of manuscripts. $22.50

708., Rigdon, Susan M. THE CULTURAL FACADE: ART, SCIENCE, AND POLITICS IN THE WORK OF OSCAR LEWIS. Urbana, University of Illinois, 1988. 1st edition. 8vo. 319pp . About fine in dust jacket. The co-author of the Cuban studies provides an intellectual history of Lewis' work in Mexico, Puerto Rico & Cuba. $12.50

1526., Rios Meneses, Miriam Beatriz. THE MAYAS AND THEIR CULTURE. Merida, Gobierno del Estado, 1975. 1st edition. 8vo. 39pp . Lightly soiled, very good; paperback. Bibliography, 18 figures. Reflections of ancient culture in modern Mayan life. $17.50

4001. Romney, Kimball & Romaine Romney. THE MIXTECANS OF JUXTLAHUACA. Huntington, Robert E. Krieger Publishing, 1973. Reprint edition. 12mo. 150pp. Very good, lightly creased cover, slight stains to rear cover; paperback. A wealth of descriptive ethnographic material on the socialization processes. $10.00

1245., Sabloff, Jeremy A. THE NEW ARCHAEOLOGY AND THE ANCIENT MAYA. New York, Scientific American Library, 1990. 1st edition. Square 4to. 193pp . About fine in dust jacket. Bibliography. Well illustrated in color & black & white. A review of the knowledge of 2 mellennia of Mayan civilization. $12.50

2586., Saenz, Cesar A. QUETZALCOATL. Mexico, INAH, 1962. 1st edition. Small 8vo. 87pp . Bit chewed upper left corner, not into text, working copy. Paperback. Bibliography, 33 plates, some in color. A study from the codices, monuments, monoliths & ceramics. $20.00

191., Sayer, Chloe. DISEN~OS MEXICANOS: ARTE Y DECORACION. Madrid, Editorial Libsa, 1990. 1st edition. Folio. 22pp text . Edge wear, very good in lightly chipped dust jacket. In Spanish. 100 full page color plates with facing text descriptions, bibliography, essay, examples of design in Mexican cloth arts. $75.00

1866., Simmen, Edward, ed. NOTAS MESOAMERICANAS, No. 10. Puebla, Universidad de las Americas, 1987. 8vo. 239pp . Lightly rubbed, very good. In Spanish (4) & English (5). 9 papers on the archaeology of Cholula include The Ancient Cholula Diet & The Spanish Arrival & the Massacre at Cholula. $35.00

326., Smith, Virginia G. IZAPA RELIEF CARVING: FORM, CONTENT, RULES FOR DESIGN, AND ROLE IN MESOAMERICAN ART HISTORY AND ARCHAEOLOGY. Washington DC, Dumbarton Oaks, 1984. 1st edition. 4to. 103pp . Very good; paperback. Bibliography, 57 figures. Studies, aesthetic & archaeological, of a Oaxacan culture intermediate between the Olmec & Maya. $20.00

2111., Sodi M., Demetrio. THE MAYAS: LIFE, CULTURE AND ART THROUGH THE EXPERIENCES OF A MAN OF THE TIME. Mexico, Panorama Editorial, 1986. 4th edition. 16mo. 170pp . Remainder mark, else very good; paperback. A leading archaeologist's fictional biography of a post-classic Mayan nobleman of the Yucatan. $9.50

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3515. Vasquez Peralta, Rodrigo, ed. RECETARIO MIXTECO POBLANO. Mexico, Conaculta, 2003. 2nd printing. 12mo. 124pp. Near fine; paperback. In Spanish. Includes main dishes, e.g. pollo en mole verde, antojitos, e.g. chapulines asados, salsas, e.g. jitomate con chile loco, dulces, e.g. chile verde en crema, and bebidas, e.g., atole de maiz con cacahuate. Some (myself included) rank the Mixtecas of Puebla among the world's greatest cooks. $15.00

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