The Bibliophile Mailing List

"For books, underneath their square surface value, carry realms of further interior interest. You may not only pick them up and hold their solid circumference in your hands, but you may open them, peer into their unfolding pages, and bury yourself in the delights of those pages." Ruth Brown Park; Book Shops: How to Run Them

The Bibliophile Mailing List

The Bibliophile Mailing List is maintained for the benefit of sellers and/or collectors of rare, out-of-print, scarce books in all subject areas. Our subscribers include librarians, students, scholars, and book lovers of all kinds. Participants will find books offered from a few dollars to many thousands of dollars.

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The Bibliophile Pages

* Online Resources for Out-of-Print Books

* Biblio Book School We present a series of articles and discussions on various aspects of bookselling and collecting

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